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-These profiles have been taken right from the SPEAKER OUT of the amp. That means they are AMP DIRECT profiles but with cabs ON.
– Update your Kemper to 3.0 or more
* If you play them through a transparent solid state poweramp you’ll get almost the same tone as the real amp…and then through your favorite CAB
* Profiles have a merged cab that you can turn off/on in case you want live tone or studio tone (Engl Pro and Mesa OS) – You can also combine amps and cabs with other authors profiles
* Adjust CLEAN SENSE and DISTORTION SENSE to your taste and according the output of your guitar pickups
* Try the Tubescreamer Stomp pedal (DIST Green Dafault) to get new tones
32 profiles from cleans to hi-gain 3 channels, various gain setups, 4 speakers, 1 mic

JE: JEVO (author)
EVH: Amp model
Green: Channel
A: Setup (higher letter, more gain)
SP1: Number of speaker